Recruitment FAQ

What is Texas IFC?

Texas IFC is the governing body for 24 men's social fraternities on campus. We are the largest all-male organization on campus, with over 2,200 members from a diverse range of academic, ethnic, and geographic backgrounds.


Why Join a Fraternity?

  • Texas IFC promotes scholastic success, with the average IFC member’s GPA consistently beating the average undergraduate male GPA.

  • Outside of the classroom, Greek men are leaders in many on-campus organizations; including the 2019-2020 Student Body President. Joining Greek life is an incredible way to create a powerful network on campus.

  • Joining a fraternity inspires leadership after college: 50% of the top 10 Fortune 500 CEOs are Greek, 35% of current US Senators are greek, and 44% of US Presidents were IFC men.

  • Additionally, each chapter has a philanthropic focus, and IFC as a whole supports the B+ Foundation, which aims to assist and provide aid to pediatric cancer patients and their families.


How do I register up for Texas Rush?

Follow this link (or the link on the homepage/under the "rush" tab to Chapter Builder). This will allow chapters to contact you for their individual recruitment processes.


What is Chapter Builder?

A recruitment tool utilized by many Universities nationwide that allows schools to create a distribution list of incoming freshman's information that can then be forwarded to IFC Fraternity Recruitment Chairs.


Where can I go during my orientation to learn more about IFC Rush?

Every Tuesday night during orientation (from 10-11:30) every IFC Fraternity will be represented at a meet-and=greet in Shirley Bird Perry Ball Room in the Texas Union.


How do I reach out to a specific Fraternity?

Every fraternity has their individual website, which includes information to their Recruitment Chairs. You also get the opportunity to talk to part of the fraternity's Recruitment Team at the orientation events.


When is IFC Recruitment?

IFC Recruitment at UT Austin is "open and informal." This means that there are no official start/stop times or dates for fraternities to conduct recruitment activities. The IFC does not sponsor any "Formal Recruitment" events or activities. Because there is no formal recruitment period, when and how a fraternity conducts its recruitment activities are left to the discretion of each individual chapter. Therefore some chapters may focus the bulk of their recruitment efforts in the summer, while others focus their efforts leading up to and after the first day of classes. No fraternity may conduct new member activities until after the first week of school.


Do I have to join a fraternity in the fall semester? 

Every IFC fraternity takes a fall new member class, so most men join fraternities in the fall. Not every fraternity takes a new member class in the spring semester, though many chapters do. This is left up to each chapter to decide what is right for them.


Who is eligible for Recruitment? 

A man is eligible to participate in recruitment and join a fraternity if he is enrolled at The University of Texas at Austin as a full-time student. A full-time student is defined as taking twelve credit hours per semester, excluding correspondence courses and courses at other universities. He must not be a new member or initiated member of any North American Interfraternity Conference fraternity.


What are reference or recommendation letters? 

Reference and recommendation letters are a component of sorority recruitment. You do not need references or recommendation letters to participate in IFC recruitment.


What is a bid? 

A bid is a formal invitation to join a fraternity. Bids may be given at any time both verbally and/or in writing, however the IFC does not consider any bids officially accepted until after the first Friday of the fall semester, in case there are any disputes about a potential member amongst two or more fraternities. This means that no new member activities should occur until after the first week of school.

Potential members may receive multiple bids from different fraternities, but may only accept one.


How can I increase my chances of getting a bid? 

  1. Register with the IFC as soon as possible to let the fraternities know you are interested. 

  2. Look at as many chapters as you can, and select the ones on which you would like to concentrate. 

  3. Be positive. Do not criticize other chapters or potential new members. 

  4. Get to know other students. Although many students feel more comfortable if they recruit with friends, don't count on joining the same fraternity as your friends. 



What are the financial obligations for IFC fraternity membership? 

It is important for students and parents to be as informed as possible regarding the costs associated with obtaining a college education. Understanding the financial obligations associated with fraternity membership is just as important. During recruitment activities, a potential member should ask fraternity members about the financial obligations and payment options as each fraternity sets its own fees and housing costs as well as the payment schedules.


Required Fees 

Chapter fees fund various activities of the organization such as academic programs, service activities, alumni and parent events, national dues and lifetime membership. Specific costs for each IFC organization can be found here


Additional/Optional Fees 

Additional costs throughout the semester may include parking at the chapter house*, optional meal plans, pictures, gifts, social events, T-shirts, etc. 
   *parking availability and cost will vary by chapter

Several chapters at the University of Texas at Austin offer payment plans and scholarships for members who need financial assistance. Please note that when you become a new member of a fraternity, you are affiliating with that organization. If at any time you decide to disaffiliate, you may still be held responsible for fees or payments required to fulfill your contract with the organization.


Should I attend The University of Texas at Austin's summer orientation? 

Yes! Orientation allows you to take placement tests, to earn college credit, pre-register for classes and become acquainted with the campus. A session on Sorority and Fraternity life will be presented as a program during Orientation. Please come to meet representatives of the Sorority and Fraternity community and to ask any questions you may have.


Is Alcohol allowed at Recruitment functions? 

Recruitment is intended to provide opportunities to spend time getting to know each other. According to the IFC Constitution, alcohol is not to be served to minors under any circumstances (IFC Risk Management Policy, Section 1K). No alcohol should be served to minors during any recruitment function, whether it is one-on-one or in a large group. Most IFC organizations have national policies that bar the use of alcohol at any and all recruitment and new member activities.


How do I decide what chapter to join? 

Each person looks for different attributes in a fraternity. Each of the chapters focuses on one or more of the following: academics, athletics, campus involvement, community service, leadership, and/or friendship. The choice is yours, so look carefully at all of the chapters and evaluate which one best meets your needs and interests.


How much time does a fraternity take? 

There is a required meeting once a week where you will exchange information on chapter events and fraternity education. Weekly chapter study sessions are a programming option for all members, in addition to events like brotherhood activities, community service projects, and social events. Remember, the more you put into the fraternity experience, the more you will get out of it.


How long will it take to be initiated? 

Most chapters have moved to a period that ranges from six to twelve weeks. The new-member period affords opportunities to meet other members, learn fraternity history and feel at home in the chapter. Each chapter establishes its own new-member program and initiation dates. This is a great question to ask the active members as you meet them during recruitment activities.


What is Spring Recruitment? 

Many chapters continue to recruit and affiliate new men throughout the entire school year. Events are organized and scheduled at each chapter's discretion. But be aware that not all fraternities host recruitment activities in the spring semester.


If you have other questions about the Interfraternity Council or Recruitment, contact: